This blog is maintained by an aspiring journalist and food blogger at the California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo.

The goal of this blog is to educate others on homelessness by sharing the stories of the homeless in San Luis Obispo.

This blog was maintained from January to March 2014. I will no longer be updating this blog due to time constraints, but may return for projects in the future.

email: ksxu@calpoly.edu
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  1. Hi Kristine, So, I was looking up an old college friend and found his image in this article. His name is Steve Longcor. While the article contains his pic sitting on a bench next to backpack, brown jeans, work boots and light grey skull cap…it didn’t specifically mention Steve as being homeless. Was he just accommodating in allowing you to take his pic for the article, or is he in fact homeless. I hope not! To my knowledge he is married and has a business. Can you please let me know if he is truly homeless. If so, I certainly plan to contact him to offer any help needed. Thank you, Kathy Skinner

    • Hi Kathy. Steve was homeless when that photo was taken. I’m not sure if he still is, as I’m not in the area right now. It’s also been quite a long time (1+ year) since I have seen him, so I’m not sure of his situation. Thanks for the comment!

    • The person that you’re talking about, the man wearing the skullcap and boots, actually told me his name was Peter, so I’m not sure if he’s the same person that you’re talking about.

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